2023: My best year so far!

As we near the end of the year I stop to take a look back at the different events I have covered this year. Its been the best year so far in my journey as a full-time photographer and videographer.

Porsche Testing Silverstone

Early in the year I went to Silverstone to capture some photos and video of Max Coates testing his Porsche Cayman GT4 ahead of his first year in the championship.

GT Cup Media Day

Another early year test day was the GT Cup media day at Donington Park.

NLS 1 & 3

In March and April I headed over to the Nuburgring with the aim to learn more of the track in order to be confident enough to approach teams to ultimately work at the 24hr race, not really with the aim of 2023 but sometime in the future.

For NLS Round 3 I had media access for the first time so the remaining photos were taken with better access to pit lane and the circuit.

Nurburgring 24hr

10 years of working toward a goal that was finally achieved. Ill not write any more as Ill save it for a full post soon.

Teesside Autodrome / Karting

My work for Teesside Autodrome has always been varied and to be honest, great fun! The highlight of the events this year was the Le Mans 24hr karting race that I attended with Lewis Thomas Media. We toured the famous race circuit, visited the museum, ate pizza from a vending machine at 4am and had a great time capturing the teams competing for 24 gruelling hours in the heat.

The other events included 9 karting rounds, the British 24hr and a couple of drift days.

MBKC Gold Cup

Another event that I thoroughly enjoyed this year was the Manchest & Buxton Kart Club’s Gold Cup weekend at Three Sisters Race Circuit. A challenging circuit to photograph as there aren’t as many angles from each location as there are at tracks like Teesside. So many different angles are available around the circuit and I look forward to 2024 with more events here.

Spa 24hr

I have wanted to attend this race for many years, my bucket list is mainly the major endurance races around the world and this year I was able to tick this one off the list. A weekend with no work and a group of friends in tow made this a memorable trip over to Belgium. The circuit is amazing and with a bit of creativity, luck and exploring all of the spectator areas, there are plenty of interesting photo opportunities.

Ill write a separate post for the images from Spa soon as there are way too many to show off in this one!


I discovered powerboat racing this year, Kev Bennett Imagery introduced me to it and after a couple of weeks of club meetings we were able to team up along with Lewis Thomas Media to capture the OSY400 and GT15 World Finals for the club. I wouldn’t have guess this would have been something I would be shooting in ’23 but I look forward to more events soon.

British Endurance / Britcar Trophy Championships

It was another year working in the British Endurance and Britcar Trophy Championships for a couple of teams and drivers, highlights of the year include Dragonsport winning the overall Trophy Championship, multiple podiums across all of the teams and a very entertaining racing season completed.

BTCC Croft

A fairly last minute plan came together to head up to Croft Circuit to shoot the British Touring Car Championship weekend, filming the Graves Motorsport Mini’s and filming and photographing the Porsche Caymans of Max Coates and Ethan Hammerton at their home race weekend. Croft might just be one of the best circuits in the UK to photograph with media access. An amazing weekend covering this event and one I hope to be able to cover again next year.

In between all of the races I needed to cover I managed to catch a couple of the BTCC races having missed all of the practice sessions chasing the cars I needed around the paddock.

DriftMatsuri – 10th Anniversary

This year the 10th annual DriftMatsuri took place at Anglesey Circuit, I was there to cover the event as usual! This one seemed even better than the others somehow, I can’t pinpoint why, it just was! Maybe is was more chilled out than usual but that might be that after covering the event 10 times it has become that bit more relaxed for me. Maybe there were better cars overall around the paddock this year? Either way I enjoyed myself and Im sure Ill be at the 11th DriftMatsuri in ’24.

Roger Albert Clark Rally

Ill end my look through this year with the Roger Albert Clark Rally. I attended this as a spectator with very little experience of forest rallies! I researched the stages as best I could though Google Maps and headed out with a plan. 1100 miles and 6 days chasing the rally, an experience Ill remember forever. I met so many great people out in the woods around Wales, Scotland and North England, I’m already looking forward to the 2025 running of this event.

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